American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery is committed to teaching the artistic act of aesthetic medicine and non-surgical aesthetic instructional courses in a practical, clear-cut approach with safety in mind. The AAAMS is the only place where nurses, practitioners and physicians can receive formal cosmetic surgery training in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

The rapid demand and acceptance of the public for aesthetic medical services such as dermatology and cosmetic surgery substantiate the importance and the need to standardize aesthetic surgery training. Many untrained practitioners are performing cosmetic surgery procedures without acquiring proper knowledge, depth and level of experience that this discipline deserves.

Aesthetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic is not a discipline that can be performed without proper training. The AAAMS was developed as a specialty board that can set the standards for cosmetic surgery training. AAAMS courses are hands-on workshops and conferences of consistent matter that represent a comprehensive formal training. The AAAMS serves to set these standards to establish reconstructive, aesthetic surgery and medicine as a separate specialty in the world of medicine.

The goal of this association is to ensure uniform excellence in the care of patients. The AAAMS is therefore a guard and advocate of consumers seeking aesthetic medical services and aesthetic surgery & non-Surgical aesthetic instructional courses. The AAAMS invites you to join us in advancing an agenda to win the AMA recognition of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery as a self-designated medical specialty.