Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I immediately implement the acquired skills into practice after completing the course?
Certainly, we encourage you to commence applying your newfound knowledge promptly, integrating it seamlessly into your professional practice. It's important to note that nurses need a doctor's order before administering Botox, Fillers, or sclerotherapy. These courses are designed for medical professionals who are diligent in preparation and adept at absorbing information, ensuring a substantial learning experience within a short timeframe.
Is support available for answering questions post-course?
Absolutely, our staff is accessible via phone or email to address any queries related to injections, assessment, or business matters. Should you require extensive coaching, we offer coaching sessions in 30-minute segments to provide more in-depth assistance.
Can nurses perform treatments like Botox or Fillers without a doctor's or nurse practitioner’s order?
No, nurses are required to have a Canadian physician or nurse practitioner's order for administering injections in every province. The doctor, however, only needs to have an initial consultation with the patient to establish the treatment plan and obtain informed consent. Subsequently, the doctor may delegate the actual injections to a nurse. A new consultation is necessary in case of changes in the patient’s status, such as a new cancer diagnosis or after one year has passed.
As a doctor, should I bring my nurse with me?
Certainly, bringing your nurse along would be advantageous. Physicians can delegate many procedures, and the nurse will gain insights directly from the source on organizing clients, ordering supplies, conducting preparatory history and physicals, and accelerating the growth of your business, often more efficiently than if done independently.
As a nurse, should I bring my doctor with me?
If a nurse plans to administer Botox, Fillers, or sclerotherapy and the doctor lacks experience in these areas, it's advisable for the doctor to attend the course. Understanding and appropriately planning treatments is crucial for the doctor, who cannot provide informed consent or delegate a procedure they are unfamiliar with.
On the other hand, if the physician is an experienced injector, attending this course is not mandatory, unless they wish to enhance their skills.
What about my clinic manager?
We welcome clinic managers to register for the Business course and benefit from the valuable insights provided.
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